The place of the crispy crêpe in Brittany’s culinary tradition
What could be more authentic than someone getting a little forgetful in the kitchen? Just a pancake left a little too long on the stove by Marie-Catherine Cornic in Quimper, in 1893. So the good lady decided to fold it, roll it up, and pop it in her mouth… And the little crêpe that had seemed ruined turned out to be lighter and crispier than ever! This was the origin of the crispy Brittany crêpe, and its authenticity has been jealously preserved ever since. In making authentic Gavottes crispy crêpes, the key ingredients used by our pastry cooks are wheat flour, sugar and butter. Preference goes to raw materials produced by French farmers. Our crispy Brittany crêpes contain no food colourings, preservatives, palm oil or GMOs.

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